Orange Glen High School Creative Arts Division
Completed May 2012


Sendero Ranch Fire Station No. 56

"It is clear that you and your firm have an appreciation for the many nuance elements of fire station design that can only be mastered by extensive experience...It was a pleasure working with your team and I especially appreciate the central role you as a Principal took in our project from project award through the grand opening."

Steve Chambers, Retired
Former Property Manager
Orange County Fire Authority

Bonita Valley Community Church

"It is with extreme pleasure that I write this letter of appreciation for Erickson-Hall's successful completion of our new Bonita Valley Community Church Sanctuary Building. While the "bricks and mortar" came together beautifully, Erickson-Hall's professionalism, collaborative energy and streamlined communication exceeded everyone's expectations and made a lasting impression.”

Steve Rhoades
Executive Pastor
Bonita Valley Community Church

Emerald Middle School

"The Cajon Valley Union School District has had the pleasure of working with Erickson-Hall Construction Co. on recent construction projects at Emerald Middle School and Magnolia Elementary School. In each case, Erickson-Hall provided a great, experienced team who worked collaboratively with the District to achieve successful projects. I highly recommend Erickson-Hall Construction."

Sharon Dobbins
Director, Long-Range Planning
Cajon Valley Union School District

John Marshall Elementary School 

"We have been impressed by the level of professionalism and commitment demonstrated by Erickson-Hall's project teams. Without question, the best interests of our schools and our students remain Erickson-Hall's top priority."

Craig Martin, Retired
Former Construction Supervisor
Anaheim Elementary School District

USC/LA Fire Station No. 15

"Having Erickson-Hall join with WLC early in the design phase provided an excellent platform to identify and resolve issues in a positive team environment. The team's ability to take a leadership role in overcoming several significant challenges, contributed greatly to the successful outcome of the project."

Joe McIntyre
Program Director
University of Southern California

Bonsall Elementary School

"Erickson-Hall’s team was crucial in assisting the district in the planning phase to avoid costly change orders. They were absolute professionals during the construction process always looking out for our best interest.”

Wayne A. Jones, Retired
Former Assistant Superintendent Business Services
Bonsall Unified School District

Bonsall West Elementary School

“Erickson-Hall is outstanding in every respect. Their professionalism and integrity have earned them a very special place in the Bonsall family. They will be the School District's contractor for our new Elementary School scheduled to begin construction fall of 2006. This is the strongest recommendation I have written for a contractor. ”

Wayne A. Jones, Retired
Former Assistant Superintendent Business Services
                                    Bonsall Unified School District

Calvary Community Church of Brea

"Partnering with Erickson-Hall and BGW was a blessing to us as we navigated the renovation of our new building. Your entire team and the process were instrumental in making this process as pleasant and efficient as we could have hoped for. We look forward, Lord willing, to working with you again when we begin our Phase 2 renovations."

Senior Pastor Dave Tebay
Calvary Community Church of Brea

Cherokee Point Elementary School

“They are top notch problem solvers. New school or rehab always a super product. I rate this firm as the top GC firm in San Diego.”

Steve Bovee
Former Director Construction Services
San Diego Unified School District

El Cajon Fire Station No. 8

“The City Council, administrators, fire department and the community could not be more pleased with the final product. Moreover, the professional relationship between Erickson-Hall and the City of EI Cajon not only established a pleasant working environment, but exemplified a spirit of cooperation toward a common goal. “

Mark Lewis

El Cajon Valley High School Building 600 - Welding

"A HUGE 'thank you' to all of the time and effort that you put into the special education classrooms. I recognize that there were a few bumps in the road and really appreciate the accommodations. The special education students in the moderate/severe program at El Cajon Valley are an incredible group of students. They now not only have the best of the best teachers and staff, they have a learning environment that is simply phenomenal!!"

Jennifer Hunt
                                    Special Education Department
                                    Assistant Director

Escondido Fire Station No. 6 & No. 7

“I was thoroughly impressed with Erickson-Hall's abilities during the construction of Escondido Fire Station 6 and 7. I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again."

Kelley Needham
Principal Architect

“The job went smooth; the working relationship between the City and the contractor was very good. I feel we received a quality product. I would recommend E-H for quality of work, professionalism and experience in the building industry.”

City of Escondido
Kevin Brickley, Field Engineering Inspector

MCAS Fitness Facility

“Erickson-Hall’s dedication to provide a quality product combined with many years of construction experience makes them a valuable partner with the government as they seek to work smarter, faster and find more efficient construction solutions.”

David Winn,
Chief Engineer-Southwest Division

MCRD Fitness Center

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to your firm for a job well done on the subject design-build contract. The Navy needs good responsive contractors and your firm's performance on this project serve as an excellent example for other contractors to emulate.”

Romel N. Punsalan, Lieutenant Commander,
U.S. Navy Resident Officer in Charge of Construction

Measurement Lab

“Erickson-Hall Construction Co. proved to be a professional and competent construction company. The facility has operated flawlessly since delivery and I can't imagine a more successful team. Although they faced considerable challenges to build this Advanced Precision Measurement Lab, with a limited budget, and in stressful and uncertain times following 9-11, they delivered on schedule, on budget, a facility that works and works exceptionally well.”

                                    S.C. Miller,
                                    Captain US NAVY

Mission Hills Church

"On behalf of Emmanuel Faith Community Church and our new campus ministry, Mission Hills Church, I would like to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation and satisfaction for a big and long job - Well Done! Our 32 acre campus development from demolition of sixteen structures, infrastructure and the offsite development for the four master planned phases, not to mention the actual construction of three structures totaling some 54,000 sq. feet, were all accomplished with excellence”.

                                    Ken W. Frizzell
                                    EFCC / MHC

“I am not sure how we would have built a 54,000 SF Facility, met all of the city’s on and off-site requirements without the leadership and commitment of your Construction team. I had a vision for our campus that I love to work at every day.”

Pastor Chico Goff
Mission Hills Church

New Hope Community Church

“I worked with six different builders. I’ll always go back to Erickson-Hall, your company did what they said they would do and backed it up with an open book policy. Your management team operated with high standards and treated us that way. You exceeded our expectations and earned our trust. You were good stewards of our money. We were blessed. Thank you Erickson-Hall.”

David Digiambattista,
                                   Owners Representative

“Your stability, experience, good reputation and Christian ownership brought great value to our project. We are extremely pleased with the quality of Workmanship on the building.”

Dr. Russ Cox, Senior Pastor
New Hope Community Church

Orange Glen High School

“We chose Erickson-Hall Construction because they are a local company that has experience with school projects and the 'lease-leaseback' delivery method."

Mike Wise
Former Project Manager 
Escondido Union High School District

Saint Rose of Lima

“We asked Erickson-Hall Construction Co. to bring in their Preconstruction Services personnel early in design to provide budget controls and hands-on constructability. This service got us the best value without compromising quality.”

Deacon Gregory Smyth
Project Facilitator at St Rose of Lima

“Responses on cost and constructability were always timely. Erickson-Hall’s school and church experience, along with an AGC Award winning safety record made them the perfect fit for this job.”

David Pfeifer, AIA
Principal at Domusstudio Architecture

Saint Stephen's Catholic Church

“I would say that Dave Erickson and Mike Hall are men of honesty and integrity in an industry not known for these virtues. I highly recommend them as general contractors for the most complex and unique buildings, which ours certainly was!”

Rev. William Kernan

“This is a complicated project and, under your leadership, the process has been managed very professionally. The spirit of teamwork has been apparent from the start with all parties working towards the goal of a quality product within our budget. To sum it up, I cannot imagine using any other company for building future projects at St. Stephen's Catholic Church.”

Joe Illig
                                    Building Board Member
                                    St. Stephen’s Catholic Church

Saint Thérèse of Carmel Catholic Church

“I have been the Project Representative at St. Thérèse during construction of the three building campaigns. Of all of the delivery methods, the Design-Assist delivery method used for the Parish Center has been by far the most successful.” 

John Carney
Director of Operations for St. Therese of Carmel

San Diego Children’s Museum:

“Erickson-Hall was actively involved in the design process and led cost control efforts to keep the project on budget. They have shown excellent commitment to customer satisfaction and quality.”

Rachel Teagle
Executive Director San Diego Children’s Museum

“We have worked with Erickson-Hall Construction Co. on building projects for the past 20 years. On each and every project, we've been favorably impressed with their "can-do" attitude and attention to detail. They work hard to get very good subcontractors, and it shows in the overall quality of their product.”

Rob Wellington Quigley,

Santa Fe Springs City Library

“The newly renovated Santa Fe Springs City library is truly a 21st century library, a learning commons that will remain relevant and vital in the lives of the community’s residents for generations to come. From the first sledgehammer to the last touch of paint, working with EH was a pleasure especially for a city librarian with no experience of construction. [The EH team] kept the site well organized and safe. The lines of communication were always open and the team was extremely helpful with all of our staff."

                                    Hilary G. Keith
                                    Director of Library and Cultural Services
                                    Santa Fe Springs City Library

Terra Lago Fire Station No. 5

“I have been doing public projects for nearly 30 years. Erickson-Hall Construction Co. is one of the best companies I have ever worked with. I would highly recommend them for any project.”

Mark Hodnick Facilities and Construction Manager City of Indio
Terra Lago Fire Station No. 5

The 1906 Lodge

“It was a pleasure to partner with Erickson-Hall Construction Co. on the 1906 Lodge at Coronado Beach. Your team brought intelligent and logical thinking to a difficult and complicated project. Your team’s appreciation for how the finished building looks and how it will be used was critical to the completion of this historic tax credit project; you brought this awareness with you the moment you stepped onto the jobsite.”

Jeff Dreyfus, Architect, Principal
                                    Bushman Dreyfus Architects PLC

Vista Fire Station No. 5 & No. 6

“I enjoyed working with your team as a design-build partner on the Vista Fire Station 5 & 6 projects. Your experience brought great value in identifying issues before they became problems and you did a great job of managing the subcontractors. I would strongly recommend Erickson-Hall Construction Co. due to their wealth of experience, good quality work and the relationship they build with the client.”

Jeff Katz, AIA
                                    Jeff Katz Architecture

“Great job you did on the construction of Vista Fire Stations 5 and 6. You were a great partner with the city; brought great ideas to the table and were probably one of the best contractors with whom I have personally worked. I have built several fire stations and these were truly the best. You completely exceeded my expectations.”

Gary Fisher,
Fire Chief

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