Safety and Risk Management Define Top Companies

April 19, 2007

Three San Diego companies -- TB Penick, Erickson-Hall Construction Co. and Roel Construction -- recently received national recognition from the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) for their exemplary safety practices and accident-free records. They were among only 19 companies in the nation to receive this prestigious designation.

The AGC/Willis Construction Safety Excellence Awards are given to contractors with proven safety records and a cultural commitment to safety. AGC requires finalists to achieve zero work-site fatalities, adhere to stringent safety processes, demonstrate management involvement and maintain a safety culture.

How did these three companies do it? What sets them apart from their peers in the construction industry? What safety policies and practices earned them national recognition?

For one thing, all three are clients of SafeCon Consulting Group, a safety solutions provider for the building industry.

SafeCon provides a wide variety of risk management and loss-prevention services, including pre-construction services, on-site services and forensic services.

Pre-construction services include bid document review, estimating support for loss prevention, contractor/subcontractor selection, safety program review and customization and high hazard pre-cons.

On-site services include site surveys, zero-injury based benchmarking, incident investigation, crisis management/support, claims management, OCIP/CCIP management, safety training and OSHA consultation.

Forensic services include OSHA appeal representation, litigation support, claims review and expert witnesses.

"We are extremely proud of these three companies, and I think these awards testify to the advantages of working with an expert risk management and loss prevention specialist," SafeCon President Sam Iler said.

"In addition to industry recognition and national publicity, these companies benefit from their outstanding safety records through reduced insurance rates, fewer claims and lower direct medical costs," Iler added. "Moreover, they are able to attract high-quality employees, lower their cost of doing business and save lives."

Utilizing a network of highly experienced consultants, SafeCon brings expertise, training and know-how to the table to provide its clients with customized risk-management and loss-prevention services second to none.

"When we review a plan or go to a construction site, we look at the project from a safety and loss-control perspective," Iler said. "This allows us to address, plan and implement the means and methods necessary to mitigate potential exposures."

SafeCon has created assessment and implementation tools to assist contractors in understanding the cost of poor risk management. The first step is to score the company's current performance. Next, the score is compared with a database of statistically validated parameters to determine the company's strengths and deficiencies and establish a benchmark. Finally, an action plan is developed to drive the company to achieve superior safety performance.

"This gives us the ability to target the safety program and forecast results, based on performance parameters and offers contractors the opportunity to proactively manage their safety programs to achieve their company goals," Iler said. "Safety and risk management offer tremendous benefits that really make a difference in the competitive construction industry.

"It's also wise to consider the risks of not implementing the best risk management and loss-prevention services available today."

For more information on how SafeCon can tailor a risk-management program for your construction project, visit or contact Sam Iler at