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Project Name and Description
San Dieguito Academy English & Arts Classroom Bldg.

Bids Due: November 28th @ 2:00 PM. 


Contact: Michelle Coonan mcoonan@ericksonhall.com


Orange Vista (Southeast) High School Building 1100

Orange Vista (Southeast) High School Building 1100

San Diego CHP Facility

Addendum 1 is now available


Description:  New construction of a 43,000 sf CHP facility.


Trades:  Tower installation and all building and sitework trades except the following:  earthwork, wet utilities, survey, site masonry, retaining wall concrete/rebar, electrical, HVAC, and waterproofing.  


Bids Due: November 9th @ 2:00 PM. 


Estimators:  Chris Bartok cbartok@ericksonhall.com & Travis Miinch travismiinch@ericksonhall.com


Make sure to read the Instruction to Bidders located in the specifications.  Send proposals and the included bid form to bids@ericksonhall.com


Orange Vista (Southeast) High School Football Field Stadium and Upper Parking Lot

********* ADDENDUM 2 NOTICE *********

Addendum 2 Issued 10.10.2017 with changes to plans and specifications.


Description: Orange Vista (Southeast) High School Football Field Stadium and Upper Parking Lot.  Project name has been changed from Southeast (on plans and docs) to Orange Vista High School.


Bid Date: October 12, 2017  2:00 PM



Estimator: Jim Thiss jthiss@ericksonhall.com

Malibu Middle High School

Addendum 1 is now available


Description - ERICKSON-HALL IS COMPETIVELY BIDDING THE LEASE LEASE-BACK CONTRACT for the Malibu Middle & High School Campus Improvement Project.  The project constructs Buildings A a 47,000 SF, 2-story Library and Administrative Office, Building E a 19,400 SF 2-story Classroom/Toilet Rooms Building (12 classrooms), Building D Modernization, site work, septic system upgrades, and offisite. The estimated budget for this project is $37 Million.  PLA requirements will apply per Exhibit L in the contract documents.



Bids Due - December 21st, 2017 @ 3:00 PM


Lead Estimator - Jim Thiss jthiss@ericksonhall.com x127


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