About Us

Co-founded by Dave Erickson and Michael Hall in May 1998, Erickson-Hall Construction Co. offers the depth and experience of a large national contractor, while providing the personal attention clients expect from a locally owned business. More than a decade of achievement comes from longstanding relationships with clients, design professionals and our trade partners. We value these relationships and consider them to be the cornerstone of our success. The result of this philosophy can be seen in the trust and collaboration that Erickson-Hall Construction Co. has generated among clients and industry professionals. 

At Erickson-Hall, we build more than buildings for our clients, we build relationships.

Executive Bios

Dave Erickson, CEO

As co-founder of Erickson-Hall Construction Co., Mr. Erickson is responsible for setting the company's strategy and direction, as well as overseeing operation of the company. His primary responsibilities also include financial oversight, business development, and maintaining strong customer relationships, along with mentoring and training the Erickson-Hall Construction Co. staff. 

Mr. Erickson has more than 30 years of construction experience. His excellent leadership skills have allowed him to successfully lead teams in multiple departments, and put together company-wide processes that have led to corporate synergy and success.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and Business from San Diego State University.

Michael Hall, COO

As co-founder of Erickson-Hall Construction Co., Mr. Hall has 30 years experience in the construction industry. He has successfully completed projects throughout southern California including K-12 new construction and modernization, religious facilities, fire stations, recreational facilities and various specialty projects, including the multiple award-winning New Children’s Museum in San Diego. He has a hands-on mentality and continually surpasses industry standards in workmanship, safety, and customer satisfaction. 

Mr. Hall is responsible for construction operations. He is ultimately responsible for ensuring the success of each construction project which starts with the assignment of a highly qualified management team and proven industry partners. Stressing collaboration and proactive management, Mr. Hall actively monitors monthly cost metrics, workmanship and safety to ensure that Erickson-Hall Construction Co. is meeting and exceeding client expectations.

He is a graduate of Texas A&M University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and Construction Management.


Mission Statement

Erickson-Hall Construction Co. provides quality construction services to our clients by bringing a superior team to each project. With a philosophy of "Our clients can expect the best because we hire the best”, our employees are among the best construction professionals in the industry. Honesty and integrity are the guiding principles in everything we do. Our goal is to consistently maintain the highest possible ethical standards. The result of this philosophy can be seen in the trust that Erickson-Hall Construction Co. has generated among its clients, trade contractors, architects, and other industry professionals.


Erickson-Hall Construction Co. strives for an injury-free environment and the safest workplace possible for our employees, clients, tradespeople and the general public. Encouraging safety and reducing risk is a core principle of our organization. Ongoing education and training along with our regular safety audits are essential components of our safety program. Through our in-house efforts and our ongoing partnership with construction associations, we are able to keep our workforce well-trained and possessing top-notch skills allowing us to proudly boast a company of “People Producing Safely.”

Environmental Responsibility

Erickson-Hall Construction Co. is committed to protecting and preserving the environment. Our goal is to be green and encourage our employees, trade contractors, and clients to do the same. We are proactive in reducing the impact our business operations has on the environment and delivering the best environmental solutions to our clients. As a result, we employ LEED AP certified personnel who work to improve our environmental performance.


Erickson-Hall Construction Co. employs talented professionals who approach projects with the common goal of providing excellent customer service and seamless project completion.