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Project Name: The Grand Theater - Escondido

EHCC will be remodeling the existing Ritz theater in Escondido with complete upgrades to the interior and exterior.  The inside of the 10,000 sf theater will be gutted including lead & asebestos abatement, wall and mezzanine removal and concrete slab demolition.  The theater will recieve all new finishes, including a new stage, seating area, second story mezzanine, new roof, and all new mechanical and electrical systems.     


Construction of a new 10,000 sf two-story building adjacent to the Ritz theater.  Structural steel, metal deck, and light guage metal framing.  This work will include the knocking down and removal of a 5,000 sf single story building which includes lead and asbestos abatement, wall and roof removal, and selective concrete slab removal.


Contact: Travis Miinch

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