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Project Name: McKinley Elementary School Modernization


**Addendum 1 Released April 17th, 2018 Now Available**


This is a Lease-Leaseback project consisting of the installation of a HVAC system in classrooms, offices and support spaces including, but not limited to: upgrades of utility service, accessibility, technology, interior/exterior finishes, lighting and electrical; and tactile signage per the bid specifications.


The project requires abatement, interior and exterior select demolition, asphalt paving, site concrete, fencing, structural concrete, misc steel, handrails, rough carpentry, casework, joint sealants, insulation, sheet metal, roofing , doors/frames/hardware, storefront, glass, plaster, drywall, ceramic tile, flooring, wood floor refinishing, acoustical ceiling, painting, acoustical panels, signage, projection screens, window coverings, restroom accessories, plumbing, HVAC, electrical & low voltage


Project subject to pre-qualification, MEP subcontractors are contractors pursuant to Section 7058 of the Business and Professions Code holding an A, B, C-4, C-7, C-10, C-16, C-20, C-34, C-36, C-38, C-42, C-43, or C-46 license. - DUE Five (5) Days Prior to Bid


MEP subcontractors are required to show three projects of equal or greater value than their submitted bid in the last three years.


Long Beach Unified School District employs an OCIP for insurances, Subcontractors are required to enroll and maintain an EMR of 1.24 or less.


All Contractors must comply with SB 693 - Skilled Workforce requirements, and general prevailing rates (PCC 120 et seq.) and shall be registered with the prior to submitting a bid (CA Labor Code 1725.5)



Questions regarding this bid/project are to be directed to the General Contractor, Erickson-Hall Construction Co. Do not contact Long Beach USD with questions.


Bids Due: April 24th, 2018 @ 2:00 PM


For plans and specifications please contact Michael Budd at or 760-796-7700 x183


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