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Project Name: Malibu Middle High School

Addendum 1 is now available


Description - ERICKSON-HALL IS COMPETIVELY BIDDING THE LEASE LEASE-BACK CONTRACT for the Malibu Middle & High School Campus Improvement Project.  The project constructs Buildings A a 47,000 SF, 2-story Library and Administrative Office, Building E a 19,400 SF 2-story Classroom/Toilet Rooms Building (12 classrooms), Building D Modernization, site work, septic system upgrades, and offisite. The estimated budget for this project is $37 Million.  PLA requirements will apply per Exhibit L in the contract documents.



Bids Due - December 21st, 2017 @ 3:00 PM


Lead Estimator - Jim Thiss x127


Files for the Project: Malibu Middle High School

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04 Addenda
05 Contractor Prequalification Information
06 Milestones from Exhibit K of Addendum #1 - RFQ-P

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